How to make a detailed outline for essay: simple guide

Essays are a part and parcel of academic life, and even when the student is no longer in school or college, they still continue to be just as frequently assigned in work places as they were previously. Such a common practice must be honed for excellence and yet, they are one of the most feared assignments for students.

The basics of writing a composition

The fundamental rules of writing a composition are:

  • The format: The first paragraph is the introduction, the last is the conclusion and the paragraphs in between constitute the body of the passage.
  • Word count: The bulk of the words must comprise the body, although the introductory and concluding paragraphs are equally important.
  • Transition must be gradual: One of the key features of a good composition is that the transition between paragraphs must be made smooth for the reader. It should not begin or end abruptly.

Keeping the theme in mind

It is of utmost importance that the student pay attention to the topic provided and the theme on which he or she is to write. Deviating from the central issue might result in deduction of score. Besides, the topic of the essay is what the student needs to base the skeletal structure of his or her composition on. Mentioning related issues is alright, but the relation must be justified and too much side-tracking should be avoided as much as possible.

Make a rough draft

Making a rough draft goes a long way in helping the student produce an excellent paper. First and foremost, interpret the topic given and jot down whatever comes to mind- all the points, all the statements and all the issues to be raised by the student. Then comes arranging these points in a logical order and seeing which ones go in the introduction, the body or the conclusion. The rough draft is the perfect opportunity for the student to rectify spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Reliable sources

If the essay is a factual one and requires more statistical and factual accounts than the student’s original creative handiwork, then reliable sources are an absolute must. This is because the data provided can, otherwise, be incorrect and that can lead to penalisation. Only browse sites that are 100% authentic and consult the librarian to help out with good books. If the composition is being written at an advanced academic level and bibliography is required, remember to include one with the proper footnotes.

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