4 effective ways to develop good essay writing skills

Essays are an integral part of every school and college student’s life. While some people are naturally blessed with good writing abilities, others often struggle with writing on topics that require a very advanced and complicated stream of thought. This is why, in order to hone their writing skills, they need to take certain steps that will allow them to successfully be at par with their counterparts, and not only in the classroom but will help them later in life as well.

Make things interesting

It is the content that makes an essay worth reading. The student does not necessarily need to possess a very sophisticated vocabulary. Simple and lucid language is always welcome so long as your writing has content. The student must try and pin-point the precise thing that will set his or her composition apart from those submitted by the peers. Begin your piece with a related quote or introduce a personal touch by incorporating your experience or opinion on the topic given.

Do your research

Another thing to keep in mind is that the content needs to be new and original. If the same thing is repeated in every answer script from the class, the teacher checking the papers will obviously be fed up and the entire class will end up getting an average mark. In order to elevate your essay, you need to brush up on the different perspectives of reading theories, like feminist or gender theory and psychoanalytical theories, and introduce those angles to your writing.

Follow the guidelines

  • The word count: Always pay attention to the word count and ensure that your writing does not fall short of or exceed it considerably.
  • The format: The universal format is introduction, body and conclusion. But if your institution follows other styles, it’s best that you follow them.
  • Language quality: The language needs to be paid heed to. Simple words will do as long as you are grammatically correct. Ornamentation and plagiarism are a complete no-no.

Creative writing classes

There are plenty of creative writing classes and programs that are offered for people struggling with the same. Certain universities, and even some schools, offer it to bot their own students as well as those from other institutions. These classes are effective in helping stimulate the student’s brain’s right hemisphere that is concerned with creative processes through certain typical exercises and activities. The skills acquired in these classes stay with you for a lifetime and you can use them as and when the situation demands.

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