How to make the title of your essay stand out

The title that goes with your essay will either make or mar your essay. With an attractive title; the chances are bright that you are going to succeed in making your audience read through your essay from start to finish.

We are all aware that a boring headline will never catch the attention of your readers. What are the must-have features of every good essay topic? The following tips will be of valuable help:

  • Your title should be attractive and not boring
  • The headline must reflect the content in the body of the essay. Catchy titles that stray away from the truth will attract severe sanctions
  • The title should be easy to read; complicated titles will not help matters.
  • The verbs in the title must be in the active voice; not in the passive voice.
  • Long headlines in titles are confusing. Make your title as short as possible
  • The essay title should be accurate.

How to create a good title

  • Ensure that you include subheadings to give your paragraphs greater meaning to your readers
  • Choose a tile that will summarize the context of the essay
  • Write the first word in every title in capitals. But do not capitalize the pronouns and other words like it in the title.
  • Do not underline the titles because it will amount to overemphasis since the letters in the title appear in boldface.
  • Review your final version of the title to check for grammatical errors or mistakes
  • Follow the rules to the letter when using a colon in your title.

How to come up with an excellent title 

  • The cart before the horse: Never make the error of starting with the title before the essay. Make sure you write the essay before forming the title based on the content of the essay.
  • The style of your paper. The style of your paper will dictate the title of the essay.
  • Let it be short and simple. Do not tell a storyline in the title. You are expected to keep it short and simple.

Relevant words

It is expected that you use only relevant words in the title of the essay. This is not the place for jargon and abbreviations that do not count. All you need is 2-3 main keywords joined together in a way that will carry the message in the title. 


Search for words that are related to the central idea of the paper. Type the words into the search field of your goggle with the addition of the word “quote”. Different words that will be useful will pop up on your screen. Titles that will make you rank high in SEO will come up.

Help Online 

Where you are still having issues, you can get help online with custom essay writing, or the appropriate title that will attract the attention of the readers as well as your Instructor.

Final thoughts

What you needed to get the title that mattered is expressed above. You must avoid negative themes; asking wrong questions; avoid making negative past public. Never neglect your teacher’s requirements.

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